They’re more than judges. They’re our mentors. Coming from financial and marketing backgrounds, Podium Star judges give actionable advice and feedback to help startups increase their odds of raising funds.

  • Balaka Niyazee

    P&G Korea / CEO
  • Dr. Sabrina Tachdjian

    LINE Unblock Ventures / Head of investments
  • Nathan Millard

    G3 Partners / CEO
  • HKelly Shin

    Root Impact / Global Partnership Director
  • Eunse Lee

    Techstars / Managing Director
  • Chris Yeo

    Grab Ventures / Managing Director
  • Ryan Kyungrok Moon

    WeWork Labs / Director
  • Dr. Insil Lee

    Korean Women Inventors / Association President
  • JongKap Kim

    Born2Global / Chief Executive Director
  • Tom Gilmore

    / Marketing
  • Divaya J. Singh

    Coupang / Corporate Development
  • Tyler Rasch

    t-able.co / Founder