They’re more than judges. They’re our mentors. Coming from financial and marketing backgrounds, Podium Star judges give actionable advice and feedback to help startups increase their odds of raising funds.

  • Jacek Brozda

    Head of Ventures, Co-Founder NX NIVEA Accelerator
  • Mario Garcia-Lee

    CEO, Lighting Up Ventures
  • Shawn Jeonghan Eom

    CEO, Company B
  • Ryan Kyungrok Moon

    Director, WeWork Labs
  • Divya J. Singh

    Corporate Development, Coupang
  • Tom Gilmore

    Marketing, Samsung
  • Tyler Rasch

    Founder, t-able.co
  • Erik Cornelius

    Managing Director, Bright Shiny Robot
  • Andy Choi

    Associate, Kakao Ventures
  • Dhritiman Hui

    Managing Director, Techstars
  • Jie Lun Ong

    DIrector, Ventures APAC, Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Axel Schultze

    Chairman, World Innovations Forum