Startup founder videos

At Podium Star, on-stage pitches are preceded with short videos we call Vision60. In these videos, founders introduce their entrepreneurial story and overall vision for their company.

  • Pindle

    Global super app for travellers
  • Airfob by MOCA

    Airfob makes smart, card-free access a reality
  • EKI

    Safe and fun learning platform on sexual education
  • Collector

    Centralized wishlist app that saves online shoppers time
  • BeAptive

    Education-focused social media application for students of all ages
  • youngpro

    Platform where talent meets opportunity
  • D.HIVE.

    Autonomous delivery for the last-mile
  • Blue Signal

    Traffic prediction platform to reduce congestion and accidents
  • AU

    Biosensor radar for detecting and protecting life
  • Perseus

    Solutions for tomorrow's connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Coconut Silo

    Advanced freight logistics platform for shippers and carriers
  • I-ON Communications

    Document management for digitizing and signing contracts
  • Business Canvas

    All-in-one tool for business documentation creation
  • PayWork

    Task and payment management for digital contracts
  • ImagoWorks

    3D dental modeling software for faster and easier visits to the dentist