Startup founder videos

At Podium Star, on-stage pitches are preceded with short videos we call Vision60. In these videos, founders introduce their entrepreneurial story and overall vision for their company.

  • WeavAir

    Proactive air insights

    Custom software development through innovative technologies
  • TechValue

    Cloud funding solution
  • Classeum

    Optimizing education through data collection

    Comfortable solutions for diabetics
  • Cloud Berry Farm

    Connecting people through agriculture and education
  • Shuttle

    Bilingual food platform for on-demand delivery

    A community of givers, powered by kindness
  • BA Energy

    Renewable energy for buildings
  • AIM

    Custom asset management service
  • Lululab

    AI skincare assistant
  • Directional

    Pursue balance in finance
  • Urban Miner

    New technologies for a better lifestyle
  • Innopresso

    Your next keyboard isn't a keyboard
  • Tella

    Learn English through texting